Dark Sides of Okinawa The EV making company in India.

Okinawa OKHI-90
Okinawa OKHI-90

According to a report from July 2022 Okinawa is the 2nd largest electric two-wheeler manufacturer in India but unfortunately, they are selling electric scooters which are fully developed in China.

This is an Indian brand which sounds like any Japanese brand.

Autocar was the first magazine to publish about Okinawa in the year 2017. It was mentioned in the article that company was selling a scooter with its brand name but that scooter was manufactured by a Chinese brand.

Layuan but Okinawa claimed that they have fully developed this scooter in India on their own.

Next similar article by Autocar was published in the year 2020. This time they found that the latest Cruiser E-Scooter from OkinawaEV again resembled a scooter manufactured by Luyuan. But again company claimed that even this scooter is in house designed and developed by them.

And again in the year 2022, Autocar published a similar article about Okinawa. Every scooter from the company resembles the scooters manufactured by the Chinese brand Luyuan.

The brand logo also resembles the brand logo of Luyuan. The two brand logo only differs in their colors.

And there might be more such scooters which we are not aware of.

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